Wounded Bird is a Colorado-based duo comprised of singer Molly Orlando and singer/ guitarist Scott Warren. Their sound is a harmony-focused blend of americana, rock and old school country. Orlando and Warren met and grew up just outside of St. Louis, Missouri in St. Charles, a river town known for being the launching point of Lewis & Clark’s expedition into parts unknown. After college, the pair ventured off on their own personal journeys with Orlando finally settling in Boulder, CO and Warren in Los Angeles, CA. Over the years the two remained in contact with their shared love of music providing a common thread. In Boulder, Molly fronted the alt country band The Whiskey Bottles and the soul outfit The Who Do’s. Warren did the same in Los Angeles as a solo artist and with the folk rock band Signal Hill Transmission (ATO Records). He also composed for film & tv projects, most notably the Miramax opening logo music and the score for the Harry Connick Jr. and Willie Nelson film, “Angels Sing.” In 2016, Scott relocated to Evergreen, Colorado and from there, “Wounded Bird” was born. 

“Fools & Clowns Pt. 1” is the first release (2018) from the duo, an EP featuring four original songs and a cover of Evie Sands' 60’s hit “Any Way That You Want Me.” Warren produces the effort and enlists the help of L.A. musician friends to fill out the sound. The songs are character-driven pieces that focus on love, the good and the bad. You’ll meet people like, Dottie, a hard drinking gal that has “let life pass her by” due to her love of the bottle in “Medication For My Heart.” “Arms” will take you through the ups and downs of trying to make love work with lines like, “I guess that’s the way that things shake out, me in the bed you on the couch.” The fuzzed-out Beatles meets Link Wray number “I’d Grow Old With You” will get your engine running and “Working Out the Kinks” closes with 50’s rock meets gospel sensibilities all wrapped up in a positively creepy (and true) storyline. The band continues to perform around Colorado and plans to release more recordings throughout 2019 and beyond.