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Scott Warren is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer living in Evergreen, CO by way of California and Missouri. He releases music as a solo artist and with duo partner Molly Orlando.

From 2002-2009 he fronted the alt/indie rock band Signal Hill Transmission. The outfit released two full length albums and a handful of EP’s, the final via ATO Records.  From 2009 to current he’s released five full-length albums.. Four as a solo artist and one with Molly Orlando. Songs from his releases have appeared in TV shows like Harry’s Law, 90210, The League, Giada at Home and in films such as The Rocker and Firehouse Dog.  As a composer, Scott co-wrote the music for Miramax Films’ opening logo and the score for “Angels Sing” (Lionsgate), a film starring Harry Connick Jr. and Connie Britton.

His most recent release “Wounded Bird Sessions" with Molly Orlando (2024) is a harmony-focused Folk/Americana affair featuring 11 original songs and a cover of JJ Cale's Devil in Disguise. The record is available worldwide on all major streaming/download platforms.


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Wounded Bird Sessions

Release Date:       17 MAY 2024

Scott Warren & Molly Orlando are a duo based in Colorado & Missouri. Their sound is a harmony-focused blend of Americana, Folk, Roots & Alt Country. The pair met and grew up in St. Charles, Missouri, a river town known for being the launching point of Lewis & Clark's expedition into parts unknown. Years later, the two reconnected in Colorado, performing under the name Wounded Bird. An EP and several singles followed with songs from those releases receiving airplay on influential station 105.5 The Colorado Sound.

When the pandemic hit, Molly moved back to Missouri to be closer to family. The duo took a break performing, but continued to write/record demos. After assembling a cache of songs, the two, along with musician Dan Wistrom, met at Warren's home studio in Evergreen, Colorado to record the “Wounded Bird Sessions.”  

Released as Scott Warren & Molly Orlando, the songs are offered in a stripped back manner, with the bulk of the vocals/guitar work cut live. Subtle atmospheric touches and percussive flourishes were added after the fact to tastefully fill out the sound. The idea being to showcase the songcraft and harmonies over production glitz. 

“Arms," a country ballad, kicks things off with Everly Brothers meets First Aid Kit flavor. The harmonies cut deep with the storyline covering a relatable “on again, off again” relationship. The record wraps with a reprise “Alt Version” of the same song, offering a nice bookend for the twelve song set. 

The LP, featuring eleven original tracks and a cover of JJ Cale's “Devil in Disguise," is available worldwide on all major streaming/download platforms. 


Shadow Bands


Scott Warren's fourth solo release, "Shadow Bands," is a guitar rock focused affair that ranges from Power Pop to Beatle-influenced Psychedelia. Warren handles the vocals, guitars and the lion's share of keys while Brian Young and Mark Crozer of The Jesus and Mary Chain hold down the rhythm section. Additional performances and arrangements from Brian Lapin, Jeff Cardoni, Mike Fratantuno & Amber Woodhouse round out the record.  

The album title comes from a phenomenon that occurs before and after a solar eclipse where thin, wavy lines of alternating light and dark sweep across the earth. Warren touches on this curious occurrence in the closing track "See/Feel." 


“A song like Mountainside is great West Coast McCartney Pop. Compare that to the splendid Psych Pop of Chemical Trails and you get some idea of the variety.” … “But the stand out is the magnificent Left Out On The Joke…It is a top notch 3 minute upbeat affair that demonstrates why any fan loves pop.” -Hear A Single  

“Adding a touch of Beatle-influenced psychedelia, the opener “Press Reset On The World” blends a little “I Am The Walrus,” a little Oasis strut, and thickly layered rhythm section into a bold statement that really rocks.” ... “Overall, a terrific album that gets better with each listen. It makes my top ten list for 2021. Highly Recommended. 9/10." -Powerpopaholic  

“Scott Warren has made a fantastic new record. Ten pop songs, which all differ slightly in taste, make me want to play Shadow Bands repeatedly.” -Sweet Sweet Music  

“Warren’s songs are soulful, intelligent and melodic, his production and arrangement skills hit all the right notes and he has a burnished everyman singing voice that conveys intimacy without being emotional.” -The Big Takeover

Good Love


Scott Warren (Signal Hill Transmission) brought together the same cast as his 2012 effort Dyed In The Wool. Starting with the solid “Good Love” it’s one of the best openers this year, with melodic muscle in the chorus. “Cold Feet” is worthy follow up, with a wicked guitar solo at the break about a hot-and-cold love affair. 

“Idle Hands” recalls Matthew Sweet’s dense bed of drums and riffs, but then he slows down for “Why Won’t You Come Around?” before it builds up to a bluesy crecendo that knocks it out of the park. A few country styled songs are wedged in here, but don’t resonate as strongly as the rock. The ballad “Fall in Line” is a good palette cleanser for the Fleetwood Mac-ish “When I Get Away From You.” A slow tempo cover of Lindsey Buckingham’s “Trouble” closes things out. This is terrific album that deserves to be heard. Highly Recommended!